Keep Your Merchandise Protected

Hire our warehouse security team for your building in Newark, NJ

Your Newark, NJ warehouse holds an abundance of valuable merchandise and equipment. Hiring professional warehouse security guards can keep the risk of theft and loss to a minimum. Elite 24 Security will provide as many guards as you need to protect your building.

Want more information? Get in touch with us to find out how warehouse security can help your building.

Take a step to protect your building

Take a step to protect your building

When your employees leave for the night, your building is left unprotected. But when you hire Elite 24 Security, we'll send a warehouse security team to:

  • Secure all doors
  • Complete comprehensive walkthroughs
  • Provide fire safety services

Based on your preferences, our guards can be armed or unarmed. Take the first step by calling 662-347-4569 to hire warehouse security guards for your building.