Want to Add Extra Protection to Your Newark, NJ Building?

Set up professional security guard services with an experienced team

Has your Newark, NJ building recently become the target of an overnight break-in? Perhaps your parking lot has become a place for loitering. If you have safety concerns, it's time to call Elite 24 Security for security guard services. Your employees and guests will have peace of mind knowing that help is nearby. We'll use state-of-the-art technology to monitor your building and surrounding areas. All of our guards are experienced, trustworthy and reliable.

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Offering professional security services for any commercial space

Elite 24 Security is dedicated to providing exceptional services throughout Newark, NJ. The uniformed guards at our security company are trained to keep your building safe through on-foot, vehicle and video surveillance, and they can be armed or unarmed. We have experience working in:


Construction sites

Medical facilities

Retail spaces

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5 reasons to set up security for your building

If you're searching for a professional security company to keep an eye on your building, look no further than Elite 24 Security. Our trained guards will protect your property by:

1. Deterring vandalism, theft and trespassing

2. Resolving conflicts

3. Responding to threats quickly

4. Creating a safer environment

5. Creating a sense of authority

Set up your building for success. Get in touch with us now to learn more about how our security guard services can help your property.